Mobile App Reviews

Boost+ Clean, Speed, Security

Here is a great app to speed up your smartphone or clear up space. Boost+ clearly stands out in this field in a few ways.

The first thing that is nice is that it comes from HTC, so it has the backing of a big brand and therefore it’s got some class and polish. It has a beautiful clean and colorful interface that’s easy to navigate through. It also shows you the state of your phone’s storage & memory at a glance.


Go beyond the main screen and there are many options to clear out any temporary files on your device and finds the apps you never use, so you can delete them and get even more space.

Boost can also be used to free up more memory in order to speed-up your phone and save battery life. Which you can do whenever you feel like it or set the app to run cleanup duty automatically.

The last nice feature is that it also lets you lockout other apps. That in itself is a useful feature, but feels somewhat unrelated to its core function.

So we recommend you give Boost+ a shot, let us know what you think about it.